The characteristics

  • An aerobatic aircraft for those who are not satisfied with “good enough”
  • We used the most modern materials and technologies to help you reach your objectives
  • Unique aerodynamics solutions
  • The size and design enable judges to make objective judgments during competitions
  • The cockpit is comfortable even with a build above average
  • Exceptional solidity parametres to avoid compromises during maneuvres
  • Continuous manufacturing support – during the entire life cycle

According to a basic principle of Eastern philosophy, striving for perfection is the only real satisfaction. Our aim is to make others satisfied, too. That is why we are unwilling to make any compromises in planning and the choice of material, and we are constantly testing and developing our aerobatic aircraft.

Our aerobatic aircraft was designed, developed and realised with a team of engineers led by our chief engineer, Dr. Csaba Farkas.

The development did not only rely on our own knowledge: we have taken into account the suggestions and observations of excellent pilots and aerobatic judges as well.