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GENPRO is a new generation of aerobatic aircraft.

New shape, safe, high-tech, maximum performance, ergonomic cabin design, technical solutions for individual requirements, quality construction.

François Le Vot, Unlimited World Aerobatic Champion, is GENPRO’s Test Pilot.

François gained his experience as a fighter pilot in the French Air Force and then he worked as its leading flying instructor. His passion to aerobatics is rooted on the 11 years spent in the French Air Force’s aerobatic team. In 2012 he won a silver medal in the Unlimited Aerobatic European Championship as well as a shared gold medal in the team competition.

His greatest triumph was in 2013, when he won the Unlimited Aerobatic World Champion title.

GENPRO was built following to François Le Vot’s professional experience and advice.

GENPRO is a single-seat aircraft specially designed for unlimited aerobatics. The aircraft is designed with a mid-wing arrangement, with non-retractable landing gear, a classic three-point layout, and with tail-wheel construction. Propulsion is provided by a high performance piston engine that provides hydraulically pitch adjustment for the propeller.

The airframe structural design was built with mixed workup. The fuselage is a unique carbon steel hybrid truss structure. The various parts of the airframe are made using a carbon prepreg technology. The majority of the composite materials and technologies used by Genevation Aircraft Ltd are the same with those applied in the construction of the most advanced modern commercial airliners. As a result, and beside weight optimization the strength and tensile indices of GENPRO serve a safe flight. GENPRO’s shape is a good guideline for judges to determine a perfect figure in flight.

During the construction of GENPRO, internal ergonomics were given high priority, allowing you to find the most convenient flight position when you flying with GENPRO. Careful consideration has been given to the positioning and adjustment capabilities of the seat, pedal, throttle and instrument panel.



  • Comfortable seat position
  • Large number of seat adjustments
  • Adjustable dashboard
  • Pedal adjustable in four directions
  • Natural position of body and its movement


  • High-tech production technology
  • Carbon prepreg airframe
  • Carbon steel truss structure
  • Keyless start
  • Lightning protection system


  • Aerodynamics
  • Precision joints
  • Performance support and analysis system
  • Lycoming engine
  • MT or Hartzell propeller


  • Unique form
  • Unique carbon steel hybrid truss structure
  • Special dashboard and starter button
  • Exquisite execution
  • Quick and easy assembly

GENPRO data sheet

  • Aircraft dimensions:
  • Length: 6908mm/22.66 ft.
  • Height: 2590 mm/8.5 ft.
  • Span (without winglet): 7560 mm/24.80ft.
  • Span (with winglet): 7994 mm/26.23 ft.
  • Wing area (full): 10.45 m2 / 112.48 ft2
  • Load: +/- 10 g
  • Engine: Lycoming AEIO-580
  • Propeller: MTV-14-B-C/C190-130, 4-bladed hydraulic constant speed propeller or Hartzell HC-C3YR-4NX
  • Weight: Total weight will be disclosed after completion of the test flight.