GENPRO is in the air!


GENPRO has successfully completed its maiden flight with our test pilot Tamás Rohács on board.

Prior to this very first flight taxi tests with low speed up to 20 knots and with high speed up to 50 knots were checked out with GENPRO. In the course of these tests some of the characteristics of the aircraft were already noticeable, just like good directional ground stability, good controllability and effective brakes.

During the first few take offs the basic flight characteristics had to be checked. According to Tamás Rohács, even at the very first moments it wasn’t difficult to maintain the 80 knots climb speed and the flight controls were working harmoniously around each axis. Even at the first phase of the take off, the aircraft showed sufficient longitudinal static stability. GENPRO’s excellent turning qualities were also experienced upon turning back towards the airfield. Tamás flew a long final approach to give enough time stabilizing the approach speed, and it was followed by a perfect three-point landing.

After the first flights many things are to be checked on the aircraft, so usually these flights lasted only 15 minutes. During these flights it was clear that the basic flying qualities of GENPRO are satisfactory.

12GENPRO already flew around 1 hour, and another 20 hours it will fly in conventional flight position meanwhile further maneuverability checkups will be performed, and the so called flight envelope – which refers to the capabilities of a design in terms of airspeed and load factor or altitude – will be continuously expanded. At this stage the aircraft’s maximum speed was limited to 109 knots, and the allowed load factor was +/-3 g.

Soon the GENPRO will lift off by the unlimited aerobatic world champion François Le Vot.