Load tests of GENPRO


The load test program of GENPRO is conserned nine main structural examinations with the scope of analyzing the stress and stiffness characteristics.

The program was complied to confirm the CS-23 regulations under which we made the following tests:

1. Wing
1.1. Positive bending
1.2. Torsion
1.3. Aileron bending and torsion
1.4. Hinges and bearings


2. Horizontal tail
2.1. Horizontal stabilizer bending
2.2. Elevator bending
2.3. Hinges and bearings

3. Vertical tail
3.1. Vertical stabilizer torsion due side force
3.2. Rudder torsion due side force
3.3. Hinges and bearings


4. Fuselage
4.1. Engine mount connection nodes on fuselage
4.2. Horizontal tail connection nodes on fuselage
4.3. Vertical tail connection nodes on fuselage
4.4. Wing connection nodes on fuselage
4.5. Main gear connection nodes on fuselage
4.6. Tail gear connection nodes on fuselage
4.7. Seat and seatbelts connection nodes on fuselage

5. Engine mount
5.1. Condition of thrust load
5.2. Condition of vertical acceleration load
5.3. Condition of side load
5.4. Condition of propeller torque

6. Landing gears
6.1. Condition of CS-23.479
6.2. Condition of CS-23.481
6.3. Condition of CS-23.483
6.4. Condition of CS-23.485
6.5. Condition of CS-23.497

7. Flight control system
7.1. Pilot force elevator STOP BLOCK
7.2. Pilot force aileron STOP BLOCK
7.3. Pilot force rudder STOP BLOCK
7.4. Loads and stiffness on elevator due flight loads
7.5. Loads and stiffness on aileron due flight loads
7.6. Loads and stiffness on rudder due flight loads

8. Pilot seat and harness
8.1. Vertical load
8.2. Side load
8.3. Forward load
8.4. Backward load

9. Fuel tanks
9.1. Loads from manoeuvring
9.2. Pressure test